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PETA Pokemon Parody

“Gotta Free Em’ All!”: PETA adds another title to its video game parody list


What better way to play Pokémon online than with PETA’s parody of Pokémon Black & White?

PETA released a parody version of Pokémon Black & White titled “Pokémon Black & Blue: Gotta Free Em’ All,” but instead of playing a trainer and using the infamous pokéball to collect Pokémon, you are playing as a Pokémon who has escaped from the pokéball confines to confront your cruel trainers.

After a long rant, explaining how Pokémon are being held captive by their trainers, the game mostly consists of battling crazed trainers and gym leaders and culminates with a battle against Ash Ketchum, who is now a circus ring leader using Pokémon to make money.

In true PETA fashion, Pokémon come equipped with attacks like group hug and protest while trainers get attacks like choke collar and discipline (the animation consisting of the trainer hitting the Pokémon with a baseball bat). I’m eluted by the way the trainers are demonized in the PETA version. Wasn’t Pokémon about the care and positive relationships the Pokémon have with their trainers? Didn’t we all cry when Pikachu runs in to Ash’s arms after almost leaving him for the Pikachu colony?

PETA likes to use campaigns like this to bring awareness of other types of animal cruelty into light, even though the publicity surrounding the marketing tactic is largely negative and mostly false, like the Super Mario parody they created several months ago.

So if you have a hankering to play a Pokémon-esque game online, you can play PETA’s parody game and “free Pikachu and his Pokémon friends as they struggle for Pokémon liberation!” Because nothing says animal cruelty better than Pokémon.

Source: PETA


Review: Super Penguins for Android and iOS devices

Super Penguins is an action/arcade-y platform jumper made by the London-based game studio Supersolid.  The game plays similar to other games in the genre, like Temple Run. Only instead of having an Indiana Jones-esque theme, you play as a cutesy penguin collecting fish and rescuing other penguins who have been taken captive by evil octopuses.

The game is a very fun time killer—like most Android/iOS games tend to be. The graphics are simple yet cute and well suited for the game’s premise. The controls are simple as well: tilt your device left or right to move and tap the screen to jump. You maneuver like this to collect fish “coins,” rescue penguins for power ups, and avoid gaps, stones, octopuses, and falling ice. An interesting feature is the ability to spin logs you run on/in in order to avoid running into obstacles protruding from the log. The game itself is free, but in order to unlock a lot of the extras you need to spend the fish that you collect—or you can buy fish from the in-game store. In the store you also can buy different characters to play (which are for cosmetic purposes only) and boost items that help you in the game: extra lives, curb falling icicles, etc. You can also spend your fish points on permanent upgrades. One being the ability to have different colored fish appear after a certain distanced traveled which are worth more points than regular fish.

Over all the game is a fun, quick play, and free, so you can’t really go wrong with the entry price. The only really glaring downside is that it crashed almost every time I tried to use the store feature (I’m on an HTC Thunderbolt), which is kind of a big issue—especially if you are playing on your phone (which I was). It’s not very nice when you have to take your battery out and restart your phone from just trying to waste some time playing a game. If Supersolid can fix this issue, they would have a really fun game on their hands. But if you can look past the crashing, and you enjoy your jumper games, you should definitely try Super Penguins out.

CarbotAnimations StarCrafts

StarCraft cartoon parody “StarCrafts” is crafty

Do you feel down? Do you feel like no one can really understand you? Are you unable to deal with pesky probes or seemingly invincible zealots? Well, CarbotAnimations knows your pain.

CarbotAnimations has created a new web series called StarCrafts that chronicles the pitfalls and woes that many of us encounter while playing Blizzard’s StarCraft games—and so far, all of the videos hit pretty close to my StarCraft heart-home.

There are only three StarCrafts episodes out so far, but they are promising new episodes every Tuesday. So jump on the cartoon parody bandwagon before it’s cool! I’m talking to you, game hipsters (gipsters?).

Check out more StarCrafts episodes.
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Touch Interactive's Split!

Review: Split! for iOS devices


Dubstep, Malaysia, and two guys in red and blue outfits. Put them together and you would get one of two things: a kick ass rave or Touchy Interactive’s latest iOS game, Split!

Split! is a puzzle-based shooter that requires you to clear levels by controlling two soldier units, Red and Blue. All shooting and reloading is automated, so all you have to do is swipe your finger and move your guys. Levels are cleared by killing all opponents on the map. Sound simple enough? Well, it isn’t. Continue Reading

PETA says Mario games promote fur

PETA claims Mario is pro-fur


PETA added another item to their list of “WTF moments” by setting their sights on Mario and his Tanooki suit.

According to PETA, Mario promotes the wearing of fur by donning his iconic Tanooki suit. On their site, PETA claims that “Tanooki may be just a ‘suit’ in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.” Continue Reading